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Do you feel lonely or isolated at home? No worries! Touch of Love Home Health Care Agency LLC’s aides can give you a wholesome company.

There is a kind of unexplainable comfort when you know you have someone you can talk to and someone you can lean on in times of adversities. Studies have shown that being alone can pose a high risk for depression. This is especially true for seniors who are longing for the presence of their loved ones living far. Apart from keeping them company, we can also look after their specialized needs right away.

Our companion care services include:

old man and his caregiver playing chess

  • Provision of Companionship, Friendship, and Emotional Support
  • Talking, Listening, and Sharing Experiences
  • Companion with Playing Cards/Game
  • Reading Books to Seniors
  • Companion to recreational Activities/Social Events
  • Utmost Supervision and Monitoring

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 703-256-2718. You may also send us a message of your concerns or suggestions.