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The Registered Nurse coordinates all aspects of the client’s home care and interacts with other disciplines as needed. He/she provides professional care to the client, as indicated by Agency policies, State and Federal laws/ regulations. In-home, admission visits and eligibility determinations are part of the RN’ duties, as is the development of the Care Plan. The RN also prepares paperwork necessary for Agency policies and federal/state laws and assists with the training and supervision of Care Aides.

Reporting Relationship

  • Reports to Agency Manager/Administrator.


  • Is a graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing, and is currently licensed as an RN through the State Board of Nursing.
  • Has a minimum of one year’s nursing experience, preferably with home care experience
  • Possesses and maintains good physical stamina and mental health and can present a pre-employment health clearance.
  • Must be a licensed driver with at least one year clean driving record.
  • Has a vehicle that is insured in accordance with state and/or Agency requirements and is in good working order.
  • Has excellent writing and charting skills.
  • Can pass a background check and drug screen.


  • Assesses the home environment and determines needs of clients.
  • Records the health needs of the client.
  • Initiates Nursing or Care Aide’s Care Plan and/or Homemaker/Companion Service Plan and associated paperwork, in accordance with Agency policy.
  • Evaluates the effects of the care given and regularly re-evaluates the client’s nursing needs.
  • Evaluates and revises the Care Plan, as necessary.
  • Makes referrals to other agencies or services as needed.
  • Coordinates the care of all assigned clients.
  • Prepares written instructions for the Care Aide.
  • Supervises the Care Aide in the home.
  • Instruct Care Aides in the proper use of practices, procedures and equipment.
  • Participates in in-service training programs and staff meetings.
  • Serve as liaisons between clients and other health care professionals.
  • Teaches, counsels, and demonstrates skills to clients and their families.
  • Administers medications, monitor clients, and instruct clients on appropriate home care.
  • Provides services based on the physician’s orders such as, urinary catheter insertion and care, venipuncture and administration of IV fluids or medications and changing dressings.
  • Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures.
  • Counsels the client and his/her family in meeting nursing and related needs.
  • Acts as the coordinator of the health care team.
  • Provides reports to the client’s physician when the client’s condition changes or there are deviations from the Care Plan.
  • Prepares clinical and progress notes on relevant and specialized nursing services he/she provides.
  • Maintains a clinical record for each client receiving care.
  • Submits documentation, as per Agency policy.
  • Participates in Clinical Record Reviews.
  • Directs the activities of the Licensed Practical Nurse, if relevant.
  • Complies with Homecare Agency Compliance Plan.
  • Complies with Homecare Agency’s Infection Control Policies.
  • Complies with Homecare Agency’s HIPAA Policies.
  • Complies with the Homecare Agency dress code.
  • Complies with all state and local regulations and accreditation standards.
  • Works weekends, holidays, and occasional overtime, when requested.
  • Assumes rotational on-call responsibilities for client care during non-office hours.
  • Projects a professional attitude toward self, clients, and other staff members;
  • Follows Agency public relation policies regarding outside speaking and professional affiliations, and clears all related requests with Agency Manager/Administrator.
  • Assumes other duties, as requested by the Agency Manager/Administrator or Governing Board.

Required Working Knowledge

  • Medical issues and nursing procedures.
  • Professional standards and principles.
  • Other health care disciplines and their role in client and family care.
  • Home safety for situations, including physical and psychological dangers, for self, clients, and other Agency staff.
  • Case Management practices.
  • Clerical procedures such as maintaining records and completing forms.
  • English language.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Adheres to practice standards, as they apply to client care.
  • Establishes and maintains harmonious relations with clients/families/co-workers.
  • Makes initial nursing assessment visits.
  • Assesses both physical and psychological needs of clients and applies the appropriate nursing interventions.
  • Initiates, coordinates & revises treatment plans.
  • Evaluates clients’ needs continually.
  • Observes and recognizes changes in clients.
  • Gives considerations to client’s past experiences, finances and other resources.
  • Render nursing care and perform treatments, such as iv administration, as ordered by the physician
  • Maintain confidentiality of information relating to client.
  • Copes effectively with clients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments.
  • Applies well-developed communication skills.
  • Observes accurately and make decisions accordingly.
  • Honors the wishes of clients
  • Works with a team and is a good team member.
  • Can supervise others.
  • Displays emotional stability and has a sympathetic disposition.
  • Maintains objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill clients.
  • Uses cognizant approaches to problem solving in delivering client care.
  • Possesses ingenuity to handle medical and situational emergencies.
  • Works alone without usual support systems immediately available.
  • Deals with abrupt schedule changes.
  • Participates in the quality assurance/quality improvement process.
  • Prepares accurate, timely and orderly reports & documentation.
  • Complies with accepted professional standards and principles.
  • Provides satisfactory references from previous (or current) employers and/or nursing school, and professional peers.
  • Uses excellent observation, good clinical judgment, and good oral and written communication skills.
  • Is self-directed with the ability to work with little supervision; has good organizational skills.
  • Is flexible and cooperative in fulfilling role obligation.

Physical & Mental Demands:

  • Must be able to complete all physical & mental demands of the job, which may include, but not be limited to the ability to :
  • lift and transfer clients and carry supplies;
  • stand, walk, use hands and fingers, reach, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk, hear & see;
  • read normal typewritten print;.
  • have corrected vision and hearing within normal range;
  • have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities;
  • has the mental fortitude and stability to handle stress;
  • is physically and mentally able to drive a vehicle.

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